South Iraq Security Report: August 2017

Monthly security report on south Iraq


Translation: “The Iraqi communists. Who are they, and what do they do?” An interview with the ICP’s Jassim al-Helfi by Methaq al-Fayyadh (2014)

Methaq al-Fayyadh, “The Communists in Iraq… Who are they…and what do they do?,” al-hiwar al-mutamadin, March 18, 2014.   The Iraqi public has many questions regarding the communists in Iraq: Who are they? Do they agitate against religion? How do they co-exist with the Other? Does the Communist […]

Interpreting itikaaf

Originally posted on Pulling and gouging:
On numerous occasions since 2003 the figurehead of the Sadrist Line, Muqtada al-Sadr, has removed himself from the public eye for periods of itikaaf, or “seclusion”. The practice provides insights into the role of his leadership in the wider movement. When he enters seclusion,…

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